Paramount's Kings Island

Kings Mills, Ohio

May 30, 2000

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Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

Here's a nice shot of the Son Of Beast's lift hill from Top Gun's exit.  Sonny has one enormous hill of wood!  Hopefully this will be running in June (it should) when I get back there.

Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

From the big ride to PKI's little ride the Taxi Jam.   This is one of those rides that most coaster enthusiasts have not been on as you need to be accompanied by a little child to ride.

Paramount's Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

This ride is actually a Traver kiddy tumble bug.   It is not made by Traver but was made by the company that bought Traver's when he went bankrupt.  They then continued to produce rides from Traver's blueprints including this fun ride for the little ones.


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