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The Son Of Beast is of course the spawn of the famous Beast at Paramount's Kings Island.  You know young ones, they tend to be a little rebellious and of course the son is too and it has turned wood coasters upside down's the first modern wood coaster with a loop.  Here's all you can see from the station to prepare for the ride.

PKI-7-00-SOB-Trains.jpg (46358 bytes)

The story behind Son of Beast is that Sonny has gotten out of his crate and you have to go looking for him.  You are loaded into a perimeter patrol vehicle and are let loose to track him down.

PKI-7-00-SOB-loop-and-drop-out-of-station.jpg (34083 bytes)

You've got to love a coaster that has a 60 foot drop out of the station before reaching the lift.


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