Indiana Beach

Monticello, Indiana

The David Wynn Photos


Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

David Wynn sent me these photos a few months ago.   Every few years Lake Schafer is lowered so that maintenance can be performed on the dam.  These photos of the Hoosier Hurricane were taken when the last maintenance was done.  Here's the Hoosier Hurricane taken from the suspension bridge that leads into the park.

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Here are all the pilings that the Hoosier Hurricane rests on over Lake Schafer.  One of these visits to the park I need to rent a boat and get some shots of Indiana beach from the water.

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

The small steel coaster in the distance is the Tig'rr which is a Jet Star coaster designed by Anton Schwarzkopf which is pretty quick and intense!  In 2001 the skyline in that area of the park will look totally different because Indiana Beach's new coaster the Cornball Express will wrap around the Tig'rr.

Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana

Here's a the Hurricane from over by the Tig'rr.   I'm not sure if you'll be able to stand here anymore because this is right where the Cornball Express will dive down to the water.


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