Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana
July 7 & 8, 2011
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Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, Monticello, Indiana

Indiana Beach at nite is one of my favorite places.  The lights on the midway, the sounds from the rides and the smells from the food stands just makes a fantastic sensory experience.

Hoosier Hurricane at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, Monticello, Indiana

As the summer sun went away the park shut down for the night and we were off to our campsite in order to get all the rest we could as the next day our goal was to do everything at Indiana Beach as many times as possible.

Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, Monticello, Indiana

Bright and early we were up and ready to go.  After doing a few Geocaches in the area it to waste some time we were some of the first through the gates at Indiana Beach and ready to ride.

Lost Coaster at Superstition Mountain Rollercoaster at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, Monticello, Indiana

All of Indiana Beach's coasters were new to Bond as the last time he visited the park he wasn't riding yet so our goal was to get them all in for him.  Our first stop was the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain as it's not the highest capacity ride and from what I've been hearing it's been one of the rides at the park that's been down a lot.

The ride was fun but sadly shortly after we rode it the ride broke down and stayed that way for the rest of the day keeping us from re-riding it like we wanted to..

Actually since there has been a lot of talk about maintenance and safety issues at Indiana Beach culminating in a lot of employees quitting and protests going on outside the park I figured I better weigh in on the subject.  Ex-employees have claimed that Morgan RV Resorts, the owners of Indiana Beach for the last four years, have cut budgets and have refused to order new parts for those that wear out on their rides and instead instruct employees rig the worn out parts to in order to make them work.  These are serious claims because safety is the first and foremost thing that is expected from an amusement park by their customers.  If the claims are true the owners are really playing with fire because eventually something is going to break and injuries or fatalities could result.  If such a thing occurs the cost of lawsuits and lost customers is a whole lot more than a few replacement parts.

Now to note there was only one operational train on Lost Coaster during the brief time it ran, the Hoosier Hurricane's second train was stripped down for parts and all of the wooden coasters had rows of seats roped off.  That just may be circumstantial.  On the other hand we did receive some exceptional customer service and the park was the cleanest I have ever seen it.  So who knows the whole story. 


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