Indiana Beach

Monticello, Indiana

Cornball Express Construction

March 24, 2001

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One of the few wooden coasters that are opening for the 2001 season is the Cornball Express at Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana.   Here's a view from the road on the way to the park.

IB-3-01-CB-Empty Midway.jpg (32923 bytes)

Indiana Beach is not normally this dead but this was taken in March so of course it's not full of people because:

a.  The park is not open

b.  It was about 20 degrees out!

IB-3-01-CB-wide.jpg (43900 bytes)

I love the dueling lift hills of Cornball and it's older sibling the Hoosier Hurricane!


Click here for more Cornball Express construction pictures.


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