Cedar Point

Sandusky, Ohio

Coaster-Mania 1999

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Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

The Power Tower is a combination Space Shot/Turbo Drop from S&S Power Sports.  I've only been on the shot side where you get shot up close to 300 feet before bouncing your way to the ground.  I've yet to talk myself on to the drop side where you get shot down but someday I'll do it!  You know what... the hardest part of this ride is waiting to be shot up, once you're going it's nothing.

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

Carrie and I really like carousels and I finally got on the Derby Racer which is like a carousel on speed.  Basically it spins around at about 15 MPH and the horses go up and down and back and forward so that you "race" the other people in your row.  The one thing you really must do while riding this is hold on tight as there are some serious lateral G forces.

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

The best wooden coaster at Cedar Point is the Blue Streak which was built back in the 1960's by the great John Allen who also designed the Screaming Eagle at Six Flags St. Louis, Skyliner at Lakemont Park and the Racer at Kings Island to name a few. 

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