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February 17, 2002

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Since I first put these pages up on the web back in February of this year my web site has been hit by thousands and thousands of viewers to see this interesting creation.  John Ivers the builder of the Blue Flash has also gotten world wide press from the BBC to television, radio and newspaper articles.  If you wish to contact John his phone number is at the end of these pages or you can send me an email and I'll print it out and send it to him.  After surviving being slash-dotted I have finally moved my site to a host that can handle the bandwidth so you may now see the Blue Flash pictures as well as video of it in action.  Enjoy and I'll post more of John's second coaster as it's built.  

Click below to download the Blue Flash Video. 

MOV file  4.73MB

John Ivers got tired of waiting in line to ride a roller coaster so he decided to build his own...the Blue Flash.


The Blue Flash was his first experiment in coaster building but he learned his lessons from it and now has just started on his second coaster that will go around his garden.  This is a picture of the track for it. 

With the box type backbone for his track the ride should be smother and easier to maintain.  In addition to that he intends to make this coaster with individual sections that can be bolted together and moved from site to site.  


Click here for more Blue Flash pictures.


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