Alabama Adventure
Bessmer, Alabama
May 27, 2011
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Rampage Roller Coaster at Alabama Adventure, Bessmer, Alabama

Rampage was patterned after CCI's Megaphobia that was built over in England and it really lives up to the name of Rampage with a relentless course that just doesn't stop kicking you in the rear, in a good way of course, until you hit the brakes at the end of the ride.

Rampage Roller Coaster at Alabama Adventure, Bessmer, Alabama

If you love negative g forces Rampage is for you.  In the back you get the seat ripped from under you and in the front you just pop out of your seat and are airborne as you go over it's hills.

Alabama Adventure, Bessmer, Alabama

We really picked a perfect day to visit Alabama Adventure as no one was there so we just kept riding Rampage over and over without getting off.  We did get off a couple of times but that was just to switch seats so we could get a real feel for where the best place to ride this coaster at.

Rampage Roller Coaster at Alabama Adventure, Bessmer, Alabama

Rampage is not just airtime as there is some really great turns filled with some powerful lateral forces.  Like most modern trains built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company the trains on Rampage have seat dividers as part of the rides restraint system to keep you locked in and safe.  Well the seat divider in seat 1.2 (first car, second row in coaster geek speak) was a bit different and that really made it the place to ride for us.

You see the seat divider in seat 1.2 moved.  All of the rest of the seat dividers are rigid and have no lateral sway to them.  Well somehow the seat divider in row 1.2 was kind of broken and it shifted back and forth about three to five inches.  So when we hit Rampage's turns you slammed into whoever was riding with you or they slammed into you.  After we discovered this great little feature we were all hoping into 1.2 and pretty much beating the crap out of each other on Rampage.  It was fun.  I just wish a lateral intense ride like The Legend had "movable lap bars".


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